What’s the Key to the Best Bagel?

What could possibly be the key factor in getting the bagels that we serve just right? It’s our freshness, of course. Fresh flour, fresh water, fresh proofing, fresh baking and fresh seeds are just a few of the ingredients and ways that we ensure freshness in everything we make.

There is a longtime customer who comes into the Bagel Bakery frequently who thought our bagels came in frozen. We quickly proved her wrong and even let her have a tour of the kitchen. She was shocked at how complicated the process is every day, but we assured her it is all worth it when we see the smiles on everyone’s faces.

If you are having a less than amazing day, swing by the Bagel Bakery and hang out with us for a while. You can even watch the bagels mix and proof because we want to prove to everyone how fresh our bagels are.