What does your bagel say about you?

One of the best things about indulging in a breakfast filled with bagels is the endless flavor combinations that can be created by switching up your cream cheese or bagel. Do different bagels say different things about whoever is eating them?

  1. Plain bagel with plain cream cheese – This bagel is very simple, very organized. It’s safe to assume that this person likes to keep things consistent and doesn’t take too many risks. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a classic!
  2. Cinnamon raisin bagel with salmon spread – This bagel is extremely unorganized. This person has trouble making up their mind and takes too many chances. They are probably the life of the party because of their care-free outlook and willingness to try new things.
  3. Everything bagel with hummus, cucumbers and sprouts – Chances are this person is super earthy and likes to maintain a healthy diet. They may be a little on the hipster side and may not make too many decisions. This person is probably very laid-back, but very opinionated.
  4. Plain bagel with cream cheese and jelly – If this person isn’t a child, they’re definitely a child at heart. This bagel is simple, but comforting and definitely one of the classics. This person is probably very optimistic and light-hearted.

The possibilities are endless! There are so many different types of people in this world, no wonder there are so many bagels to fit all of them.