What Bagel Matches Your Favorite TV Show

Your favorite TV show says a lot about who you are. It reveals whether you’re into adventures, living in the past or learning about current events or watching celebrities live their lives. Aside from this, your favorite TV show can also reveal the type of Bagel Bakery bagel you most enjoy.

If your favorite show consists of a classic like the Golden Girls or The Brady Bunch or Friends, then plain bagels are perfect for you. Just like your favorite TV show, you can never go wrong with a plain bagel, because you can pair them with just about anything and you will never get sick of them.

If you enjoy suspenseful shows such as Scandal, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, then you would most likely really enjoy a Jalapeño/Cheddar bagel from the Bagel Bakery. Jalapeño bagels are spicy, cheesy and full of flavor. Similar to suspenseful shows, these bagels are full of excitement.

For the Food Network lovers out there, Sun-dried tomato bagels from the Bagel Bakery are the perfect treat to pair with a good episode of Chopped. Sun-dried tomato bagels are light and flavorful, but fancy-tasting enough to make you feel connected to the gourmet food that is being prepared on the screen in front of you.

Everything bagels from the Bagel Bakery are the ideal snack for those of us that find joy in watching the news. News shows, such as Good Morning America provide viewers with a little bit of everything – from weather to current events to pop culture news. Similarly, Everything bagels provide our customers with a little taste of everything so that they don’t have to choose only one flavor.