Throw the Best Bagel Brunch on the Block

Ah, Brunch. It’s one of – if not, the – most looked forward to meal of the week. After a long couple of days of working hard and focusing on your career or school, it’s nice to have morning catching up with your closest friends over your favorite breakfast foods.

Save the hassle of finding a brunch spot you’ll all enjoy and host your very own bagel brunch. It’s really quite simple to do.

First, go out to the Bagel Bakery in the morning and get at least a dozen bagels. Make sure there’s a variety! While you’re there, pick up some tubs of our cream cheese as well.

When you get home, set up a bagel station by slicing them up and putting them on a platter. Make sure to set up the toaster near the platter so that your guests can choose whether or not to toast their bagels.

Next, take the cream cheese out of the packaging and put it into a bowl. This is more aesthetically pleasing, and it will also help the cream cheese soften quicker. In addition to the cream cheese, you should set up some bowls of vegetables and fruits. This includes (but isn’t limited to) lemons, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion and berries. Finally, set out some smoked salmon or other smoked fish.

Set out all of these ingredients on a long table, and you’ve just created the ultimate bagel buffet for you and your friends to enjoy for your next weekend brunch.