The Incredible Spinach Bagel

This week’s bagel spotlight goes to the incredible spinach bagel! It’s almost baffling how many vitamins and minerals can be found in a delicious morning meal, yet the spinach bagel never disappoints in its flavor and benefits.

Thanks to the famous cartoon character named Popeye, America began to become aware of the wondrous health benefits of spinach after the show’s creation in the 1930s. Since then, this iron-rich vegetable has become increasingly more popular in the average American’s diet. It’s said that spinach being so nutrient dense is what gives Popeye the wild boost of energy that helps his arms double in size. Although eating spinach in real life does not give you superhuman strength, it certainly comes close. Most people utilize spinach by making their ordinary dishes exponentially healthier, such as on pizza, salads and most importantly – in bagels!

The spinach bagel is the perfect choice if you’ve been looking for a breakfast jam-packed with vitamins, iron and much needed morning vitality. Paired with your favorite cream cheese at The Bagel Bakery, your body will thank you for your fortified and healthy breakfast choice.