The Best Kind of Cherries

Don’t we all love cherries? I’m not talking about the little, red fruit that hangs from a stem. I’m talking about the cherries that live on the inside of coffee beans that create delicious, flavorful cups of coffee.

An average cup of coffee uses 70 roasted beans consisting of 35 coffee cherries. These cherries are hand-picked from a tree on a mountain in Guatemala, placed in a plastic bucket, dumped into a sack and loaded onto a mule. From there, the mule travels miles to where the cherry is processed into a pulp, fermented overnight, sun dried for many days and processed in the city.

Once this process is complete, the delicious beans travel all the way to the Bagel Bakery and end up in your cup. Our coffee beans travel far and wide to create the perfect cup of joe to start your morning off right. Now, who doesn’t love cherries?