Reasons to Love the Bagel Bakery

As if you needed any more reasons to keep coming back, here are just a few things that make us the one-of-a-kind bagel shop that you all know and love.

  1. Our coffee isn’t your regular cup of joe, it travels all the way from Guatemala into your cups. To make it even better, each cup of coffee and tip supports the families in Guatemala who make this delectable coffee just for you.
  2. You won’t find bagels that are fresher than ours! Our bagels are made daily to give our customers the best experience possible. Each week we get a delivery of 1,500 pounds of flour and work tirelessly to serve only the best.
  3. What could be better than our Bag O Bagels? For just $17.79 you can take home 13 bagels and two 8 oz. tubs of cream cheese. Whether you’re hosting Sunday brunch or it’s your turn to bring the snacks, the Bag O Bagels makes life easy (and delicious)!
  4. The endless options! From plain to blueberry, we have so many choices you’ll be sure to want to try them all. With over 15 flavors and a variety of spreads, your experience will never be the same.
  5. Most importantly, the amazing people that come into the Bagel Bakery every single day. Our customers are what keeps us working hard to put smiles on faces and bagels on plates.