Our Bagels Beat Them All

One of the coolest things about the Bagel Bakery is that we get to interact with the best customers every day and connect with them when they come into the shop.

Recently, a customer came in to tell us about her daughter who visits from Austin, Texas. Her mother mails her bagels from our shop on a regular basis to make her feel more at home. It’s amazing to see customers loving our bagels so much that they take them across the country.

Another customer who lives here but is from New Jersey just returned from New York City and said he had to admit that our bagels were better than any he had eaten in the big city. This may have something to do with the fact that we make, boil and bake our bagels on site to create authentic, fresh New York bagels.

Testimonials like these truly show that we are in the business of making bagels, and friends.