Ordering Coffee Around the World

If you’re anything like us, you need your fix of caffeine every day. That’s why you come by The Bagel Bakery and grab a delicious cup of Rembrandt Coffee. But what happens if you’re vacationing in Germany and suddenly get a craving for some java? Would you know how to order coffee in German? Well, lucky for you we found and listed how to say coffee in twelve different languages!

  • Lithuanian = Kava
  • Danish = Kaffe
  • Dutch = Kaffie
  • Finnish = Kahvi
  • French = Café
  • German = Kaffee
  • Irish = Caife
  • Italian = Caffè
  • Polish = Kawa
  • Spanish = Café
  • Welsh = Coffi
  • Bosnian = Kafa

So if you’re ever in a country that speaks one of these languages, you’ll be able to successfully order your daily cup of coffee. But of course, it won’t satisfy that craving for Rembrandt Coffee from the Bagel Bakery.