May Menu Item Spotlight

Cocky Curry Chicken Wrap

We know everyone has been looking forward to May’s Menu Item Spotlight, and we did not want to disappoint, so we are highlighting one of our all-time favorite menu items: The Cocky Curry Chicken Wrap!

Our Cocky Curry Chicken Wrap includes our special curry chicken salad, stuffed inside of one of our delicious wraps, and paired with your choice of veggies. It is the perfect combination of spicy and refreshing, and will leave you feeling great and completely satisfied. This wrap is a light, protein-packed and flavorful choice for anyone who can handle a little heat. The veggies inside of the wrap give it the perfect cool, crisp and light crunch, that cool you down, not only from the heat of the chicken salad, but also from the heat of a summer day in Florida.

Now picture this: you and your loved ones, sitting on a park bench in Gainesville, enjoying the end of the school year and the upcoming summer, and talking about all of your upcoming adventures, while eating a delicious Cocky Curry Chicken Wrap from the Bagel Bakery. Can you think of anything better? We can’t!

For just $7.49, you can come to the Bagel Bakery and try this delicious summer wrap for yourself! We cannot wait to see you soon!