June Menu Item Spotlight

, our June Menu Item Spotlight can help beat the heat!

What better way to celebrate summer and fight the Florida heat than with a Garden Veggie Sandwich from the Bagel Bakery? We couldn’t think of a better way, which is exactly why we’ve made it our June Menu Item Spotlight.

The Garden Veggie Sandwich allows you to choose any combination of veggies, paired with your choice of regular hummus, spicy hummus, tzaziki sauce or garden vegetable cream cheese, all on your choice of bread.

This signature sandwich from the Bagel Bakery is so flavorful, rich in protein and nutrients, and a sure way to cool you down while satisfying your summer cravings.

There is absolutely no better complement to your family pool day, or your summertime family picnic, or even your lunch break from work with your kids while they’re home for the summer, than the Garden Veggie Sandwich.

Come to our restaurant today, with just $6.69 in your hand and see what our hype is about!