It’s National Bagel Day!

What’s dense with flavor, shaped like a ring and most enjoyed with good company? A bagel!

As you know, all of us at the Bagel Bakery love bagels… A LOT! We love how chewy bagels are, how soft they are, and how versatile and delicious and fun they are. This is why we love any chance we get to celebrate these classic treats, and why Feb. 9 is our favorite day of any year.

In order for you to achieve optimal enjoyment of this national holiday with us, here is a list of recommendations for ways to celebrate:

  • Take your special someone out on a date at the Bagel Bakery. 
  • Order a Bag O’ Bagels with cream cheese and celebrate with your family, classmates or co-workers. 
  • Surprise a deserving someone with a warm and chewy Bagel Bakery bagel and tell him or her how much they mean to you. 
  • Stop by the Bagel Bakery by yourself during your lunch break and make friends with someone you have never met over one of our famous bagels… after all that is the power of a bagel, and the mission of the Bagel Bakery: bring people together who share a common love of bagels. 

No matter how you celebrate National Bagel Day, we hope you spend it with loved ones and spend it at the Bagel Bakery. We can’t wait to see you, serve you bagels and have great conversation with you, because after all, our life at the Bagel Bakery is based on “ Making Bagels and Friends.”