How to Refer the Bagel Bakery to Your Friends

We love our Bagel Bakery customers, and we hope the feeling is mutual. And there’s nothing we like better than hearing from a new customer that they heard about us from a friend who said we were a great place to eat and meet.

If you are one of those loyal Bagel Bakery customers, and you want to share us with your friends and colleagues, here are some tips for how you can refer us.

First thing you can do is take a platter or coffee to your friends, clients or business colleagues. We know if they just taste our food and coffee, they’ll be in the store before you know it.

We love being your go-to, business-meeting location. If you’re having a meeting, and you want to take it out of the office, come to the Bagel Bakery and introduce us to your colleagues that way. Not only do they taste our food and drink, they get the atmosphere as well.

Finally, if you somehow find yourself in another local coffee shop instead of the Bagel Bakery, tell them about our wholesale coffee program. We would live to become their supplier.

And if you can think of some other ways to refer us, come in and tell us about it.