How To Health-ify Your Bagel

Bagels are notoriously known for their carbs, but did you know there are several ways to turn your bagel into a healthy snack?


To start, try our whole wheat bagels! Whole wheat has extra fiber, which will keep you feeling fuller longer. They also help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and help redistribute fat, according to this article on Health.


Next, consider what you’re putting on your bagel. Consider putting peanut butter instead of cream cheese. Peanut butter has more protein than other spreads, which makes it a good substitute.


If you’re allergic to peanuts or just aren’t a fan of peanut butter, try avocado. Avocado is full of good vitamins, potassium, fiber and healthy fats. Lox is also something to consider. Lox is smoked salmon, so it is full of protein and goes great with plain cream cheese.


In addition to the spread, consider other toppings you can put on your bagel. Nuts, veggies and fruits are always great toppings!