Happy National Have a Bagel Day!

Lodged between Thanksgiving and Christmas and running simultaneously with Hanukkah is National Have a Bagel Day. The holiday takes place on December 11, and to celebrate, here are some fun bagel facts you may or may not know.

  1. The bagel originated out of Poland in 1610 according to most historians. However, they did not become popular in the Unites States until the 1960s as a result of America’s interest in Jewish culture.
  2. The word bagel is derived from the Yiddish word beigen, which means to bend.
  3. In tennis, the term bagel is used to describe if you’ve won a game with the score of 6-0.
  4. The reason bagels have holes is so that vendors in the olden times could sell multiple on a dowel.
  5. Plain is still the most popular bagel choice.
  6. The world’s largest bagel was created in Syracuse, N.Y. in 2004. It was created by Brueggers Bagels, weighed 868 pounds and was six centimeters wide in diameter.


Have your own National Have a Bagel Day celebration at home by picking up some fresh Bagel Bakery bagels to take home to your friends and family and quiz each other on the facts listed above!