Five Fun Facts About Bagels


We love bagels. And we bet you do, too. So, sink your teeth into these fun facts to learn even more about our favorite food.


  1. The earliest known mention of a bagel originates in Poland back in the early 1600s. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s until the bagel became popular in America.
  2. Due to its multi-step process, bagel production used to be a four-person job. In an assembly line, two men would shape the bagel dough, then a man boiled the bagels (the kettleman). Finally, the last man would be in charge of the oven.
  3. Americans sure do love bagels — nearly 61% of surveyed Americans reported to eat a bagel at least twice a week for their breakfast.
  4. The most popular bagel flavor is plain, while sesame takes second place.
  5. National Bagel Day is celebrated on Feb. 9. But, we think every day is bagel day. Who needs an excuse to eat a bagel?


Are we making you hungry yet? All this bagel talk is sure to work up an appetite. These facts are fun, but enjoying a delicious Bagel Bakery bagel is even better. Head over to our place and enjoy one of our beloved bagels.