Employee’s Favorite

employee favorite

Our menu offers so many delicious choices to please even the pickiest of eaters, but we understand that it is hard to know just how good something is unless you’ve heard it from someone who’s actually tried it (and makes it!)

What better way to explore all of your possibilities at the Bagel Bakery than by hearing from our employees themselves what their favorite menu items are?

Meet Davis, one of our hard-working employees and the son of Ken Rembert, our boss. Davis’s favorite menu item is the Three Cheese Roast Beef. This decadent Bagel Bakery original includes provolone cheese, bleu cheese, and chive and onion cream cheese, paired with lettuce, onion and tomato, all on top of juicy roast beef.

“It’s so rich and there are so many kinds of cheese. The chive cream cheese goes so well with the roast beef. It is such a flavorful pairing,” said Davis.

For just $7.49 you can get a Three Cheese Roast Beef Signature Sandwich from the Bagel Bakery and see for yourself why this is Davis’s favorite item on our menu.