Eat Local

Did you know that choosing to eat at the Bagel Bakery, a locally owned store, generates almost four times as much economic benefit for our surrounding region? That’s not to mention the obvious benefits of enjoying a fresh bagel, a nutritious build-your-own salad or a one-of-a-kind cup of coffee.

The Bagel Bakery is independent and contributes 100 percent of its income to the local economy. That’s good because a recent study found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remained in the city whereas only $43 stayed in the city for every $100 spent at a chain location.

Not only does it allow for economic benefits, eating locally grows our community stronger, forms personalized service and helps you know the friendly faces behind the product. The Bagel Bakery has been fortunate enough to build relationships with numerous local customers and strives to serve our community in any way possible.

Come in for a bagel and you’ll see for yourself just how good “local” can taste.