Real New York Bagels and Great Atmosphere – That’s the Bagel Bakery

By David Greenberg


Real New York Bagels and Great Atmosphere – That’s the Bagel Bakery

I grew up and spent my first 21 years in New York City. Bagels were a staple of our diet. I’m talking about real New York bagels – not Jersey and not Connecticut – but fresh, delicious bagels made on the spot in those little New York City storefronts.

I’d say that makes me an expert, as much as anyone in Gainesville, on what is a real New York bagel. If you want to experience the fresh, delicious taste of a real New York bagel, go no further than the Bagel Bakery in the Millhopper Shopping Center.

That’s because every day the bakers at the Bagel Bakery arrive at 2 a.m. Starting with bags of flour, four days a week knead and shape the fresh dough. Every morning, the bagels are boiled and then baked. If they are not boiled, they are not real, fresh New York bagels.

That may be enough for some people to get their bagel fix at the Bagel Bakery, but there’s more.

Bagel Bakery offers fresh-ground, specialty coffee, roasted on site. Much of the coffee comes directly from farmers in Guatemala. Bagel Bakery owner, Ken Rembert, makes trips every year to Guatemala to do charitable work, and he pays the farmers better-than fair market price for their coffee.

There’s delicious pastries or muffins, and if you prefer, you can have sandwiches for breakfast or lunch substituting wraps or focaccia for your bagel.

You can eat in, take out or have the Bagel Bakery cater your special affair.

Plus, Ken is known for his charitable activities in Gainesville, as well as Guatemala. The Bagel Bakery regularly sponsors special events in the community.

But that’s still not enough. The Bagel Bakery may be the friendliest place in town. Stealing a line from the TV-show Cheers, it’s the place where everyone knows your name.

Here’s an example. Recently two people met at the Bagel Bakery. One had moved away from Gainesville years ago and just returned. When they saw each other, they realized they went to elementary school together – 50 years ago.

The Bagel Bakery is a spot where Gator fans tolerate Seminole and Hurricane fans. You can’t find that in a lot of places.

Even more than that, it’s a place where a Red Sox fan and a Yankee fan can get along – at least some of the time.

So, if you want to experience a place with delicious New York bagels, great fresh-ground coffee and other culinary delights, as well as a friendly atmosphere, you’re looking for the Bagel Bakery. Join us!

National Bagel Day

Thanksgiving, New Years and the Fourth of July are great, but the Bagel Bakery’s all-time favorite holiday is National Bagel Day, which is Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Here at the Bagel Bakery, we celebrate these tasty and warm treats every day, but we love to have more reasons to talk about how great bagels are. This is why we always get so excited when National Bagel Day comes around.

Every January 15, we at the Bagel Bakery have an excuse to be even more excited about our bagels. Our bakers come in every morning at 3 a.m. to bake our fresh and delicious treats. Why shouldn’t we be excited to serve them to you?

Come into the Bagel Bakery between 6:30 am and 4:00 pm on Jan. 15, order your favorite bagel and cream cheese combination and post it using the hashtag #bageldayatBB! We can’t wait to see all the ways that you and your loved ones celebrate our favorite holiday.


Another Special to Help Make It Through the Holidays

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today for this week’s pairing and take a break from your busy day.

As we approach the middle of this very busy holiday season, where school is out and the days are long and tiring, we want to give you another delicious holiday pairing that is sure to pick you up in the middle of even the craziest day.

Every week of this holiday season we will present you with a coffee and food pairing that is sure to give you the energy to buy one more gift, listen to one more holiday song and go to one more party.

This week, we encourage you to try our blended peppermint hot chocolate with your choice of milk. It is the perfect combination of peppermint and chocolate flavor, all topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a Hershey kiss.

This sweet treat tastes even better when paired with a delicious spinach everything bagel hot ham and cheese sandwich. This sandwich includes perfectly sliced ham with your choice of cheese run through our toaster oven and melted to gooey goodness.

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today for this week’s pairing and take a break from your busy day.


The Bagel Bakery Eases Holiday Stress

Our caramel macchiato with hot vanilla syrup, espresso, steamed milk and caramel drizzle our turkey bacon sandwich, which you can get as a wrap, bagel or on focaccia.

Holiday season is stressful for everyone, and it often comes with a lot of long days.

On days when you’re not working, you have to divide your time between making memories with your family and shopping for gifts. The entire season can be exhausting, and we often forget the real purpose for the season. To make things worse, your favorite coffee chain always has enormous lines, it doesn’t sell good food and the coffee doesn’t have much of an effect on you anymore. The Bagel Bakery has the perfect solution to this issue.

Our caramel macchiato with hot vanilla syrup, espresso, steamed milk and caramel drizzle has the perfect balance of festive flavor and energy-boosting caffeine that is sure to make even the busiest holiday shopping days more bearable. It is a hot and sugary coffee drink that puts every coffee chain to shame. Come in for breakfast and pair it with one of our freshly-made bagels or an eggel-bagel, or stop by for a mid-day shopping break and pair the delicious caramel treat with our turkey bacon sandwich, which you can get as a wrap, bagel or on focaccia.

We at the Bagel Bakery want to see you come out of the holidays victorious, so we make these energy-packed and nutritious treats with love every single day. We can’t wait to see you and hear about all of your holiday successes, big and small.

A day in the life of a Bagel Bakery bagel


Many people think that the Bagel Bakery is the same as any other bagel shop. They think that we sell bagels and other breakfast food, and that it tastes good, so they continue to come back. But very few of our customers actually know what it takes to be a Bagel Bakery bagel. Very few realize that our bagels are freshly crafted and put through a tedious process in order to be nothing less than the best for our customers.

In fact, we are one of the few remaining bagel shops in Florida where you can get a real, fresh, boiled, New York style bagel.

If you are one of the many who are not yet in the know about what it’s like to live a day in the life of a Bagel Bakery bagel, keep reading.

The bagels start their day at 3 am, when they are transformed from bags of flour into dough.

The dough is then kneaded in our custom-made mixer that has been with us from the beginning.

They are then shaped in our state-of the-art machine.

Each of our round and beautiful bagels are placed on boards and left to get some rest as they prepare to reach their full potential as bagels (also known as your breakfast).

After hours of beauty rest, the bagels are ready for a nice hot dive in what we like to call the bagel jacuzzi. This helps them become the chewy and delicious treats you know and love.

As if these star-athlete bagels have not been through enough, there is still one more step before they wait to fulfill their destiny as your favorite breakfast treat.

After the bagels are boiled, they are baked in our rustic, custom-made oven and cooked to golden perfection.

They are then left to cool and stacked on the shelves for you to enjoy.

Come into the Bagel Bakery for one of our all-star bagels freshly made just for you! Can’t wait to see you soon!





Meet the New Assistant Manager

The Bagel Bakery is so excited to welcome its new assistant manager, Sabrina!

The Bagel Bakery is so excited to welcome its new assistant manager, Sabrina!

Before joining our team, Sabrina was a manager at Taco Bell and worked for Panera. She is so excited for all the opportunities the Bagel Bakery has to offer. She ultimately chose to work here because of the great environment and the great food, she said. Even after the short time she has been with us, she has already made connections with people in our Bagel Bakery community, which she says is one of her favorite things about working here.

“I love getting to know the regulars. It is so nice to see the same people every day and catch up with them,” she said.

Sabrina also really enjoys making cappuccinos here at the Bagel Bakery because they taste so good and they’re so fun to make, she said.

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today to meet Sabrina and try one of her amazing cappuccinos.

Countries that grow the best coffee

Guatemala has some of the best coffee in the world, and we sell it at the Bagel Bakery!!

According to a blog written by the Barefoot Coffee Roasters, the countries that grow the best coffee include:

  1. Colombia
  2. Guatemala
  3. Costa Rica
  4. The Arabian Peninsula
  5. Ethiopia
  6. Jamaica

It is true that Guatemala has some of the best coffee in the world. We at the Bagel Bakery know this firsthand because our owner, Ken, travels to Guatemala each year not only on a mission but also to harvest coffee beans and bring them to the United States to brew the delicious Rembrandt Coffee that you know and love.

We at the Bagel Bakery pride ourselves on the fact that we make fresh coffee every day from Guatemalan beans. If you haven’t already tried our amazing coffee, stop by today to get a cup. We bet you’ll leave with not only a cup, but also a few bags to roast at home and give as gifts for your friends. That’s how good it is!

UF Students Love Everything Bagels

UF Students love Everything Bagels

A poll done by 56 UF students throughout the campus revealed that their favorite bagel is the everything bagel. In fact, out of these 56 students, 34 voted in favor of the everything bagel, while 12 voted for cinnamon raisin, 7 voted for asiago bagels and 3 voted for onion.

Some students who explained why everything bagels are their favorite said they made this choice because of how flavorful they are and that they are the combination of multiple flavors, which eliminates the need to choose just one flavor.

“Why get nothing when you can get everything?” said second year biochemistry student, Srikar Saravam when asked why he loves everything bagels.

Lucky for UF students, the Bagel Bakery sells freshly made, delicious and flavorful everything bagels in store and through Bitesquad. So, next time you UF students are strapped for time but really craving an everything bagel from the Bagel Bakery, don’t forget that we are on Bitesquad and order one from us. Or, take a study break with your friends and come in for one.

Now that we know what the favorite is among the UF students in our community, we want to know yours! Stop by today and tell us which bagel flavor you prefer.

Spend National Day of Encouragement with the Bagel Bakery

Spend National Day of Encouragement with the Bagel Bakery

Take a minute to think about all the people you know who are going through a rough time at work, have a stressful personal life or who are just going through something rough. You probably know many people who fit at least one of these categories.

Life can be stressful, but it is always nice to know that we have someone who supports us and wants to see us succeed. Tomorrow, Sept.12, be that person for your friends because it is National Day of Encouragement.

National Day of Encouragement first started in 2007 when a student organization at Harding University, a college in Arkansas, created this day to generate a culture of encouragement in the community. The idea became a sensation and was then added to the National Day calendar to be celebrated by millions all over the United States.

While there is a designated day to encourage your peers and be a source of positivity for them, the idea behind this initiative was to bring awareness to the concept of encouragement and inspire people to include it in their daily lives.

Come by the Bagel Bakery today and pick up some treats to go along with your words of encouragement.


People Are Not the Only Ones Who Love Bagels

Last month, an article in Newsweek told the story of how a Florida man was caught feeding an alligator. While resisting arrest, the man claimed that his new alligator friend was a “good boy… and he loves bagels.”

This only further proves our case that bagels are the best food item and that there isn’t a single person…OR ALLIGATOR who does not enjoy them.

But why should we stop at humans and alligators? WE SHOULDN’T!

Here is a list of other species who enjoy bagels as much as we do:

  1. DOGS