Bringing Smiles from Guatemala to Gainesville

How does the Bagel Bakery brew such delicious coffee? At least once a year, the owner of the Bagel Bakery, Ken Rembert, travels to Guatemala to import Rembrandt Coffee that is roasted in the store.

Along the way, he gets to meet and interact with the farmers and their families. He donates money for water filters, eyeglasses, school programs and helps to provide computers to various programs there. He gets to see first-hand how the Bagel Bakery positively impacts so many lives in Guatemala.

Recently, the Bagel Bakery has had two roasters and a wholesaler show interest in carrying our green coffee. That’s three more customers for the Bagel Bakery and Rembrandt Coffee, helping to make Ken’s efforts in Guatemala successful.

So if you want to help expand this mission, all you have to do is drink our delicious coffee.