Bagels International

Enjoying a bagel toasted to perfection is one of our favorite ways to begin our day. But, have you ever wondered if other countries’ bagels look like America’s, or does each country have its own twist on this amazing breakfast? The answer is yes! While we all know the best bagels come from the Bagel Bakery, followed by New York, here are some examples from other countries.

Although New York City is one of the world’s epicenters for great bagels, it certainly is not the only one.


Compared to an American bagel, a Montreal-Style bagel will be much smaller and denser. They will also be boiled in water containing honey, making the bagel significantly sweeter.


The word “bagel” in Finnish directly translates to “water ring,” showing us that they too boil their bagels before baking them. The main difference between bagels from America and Finland is that Finland’s have larger holes in the middle, making their ring a bit skinnier in comparison.


Jerusalem bagels will typically always be topped with sesame seeds, and are not boiled before baking. The best way to eat these bagels is by topping them with za’atar, a common name for a collection of Middle Eastern herbs such as origanum, thymus and satureja.


Infusing green tea into popular dishes is a common occurrence in Japanese culture, and their bagels are no exception. A Green Tea bagel from Japan will look similar in size and shape compared to an American bagel, but will have a distinctly different green coloring to them.


Russians have a few different versions of ring-shaped breads popular in their country. Sushki, specifically, are classified as a dessert and best paired with a cup of tea. Additionally, Sushki are mildly sweet and only about a fourth of the size of an American bagel.