Spend National Day of Encouragement with the Bagel Bakery

Spend National Day of Encouragement with the Bagel Bakery

Take a minute to think about all the people you know who are going through a rough time at work, have a stressful personal life or who are just going through something rough. You probably know many people who fit at least one of these categories.

Life can be stressful, but it is always nice to know that we have someone who supports us and wants to see us succeed. Tomorrow, Sept.12, be that person for your friends because it is National Day of Encouragement.

National Day of Encouragement first started in 2007 when a student organization at Harding University, a college in Arkansas, created this day to generate a culture of encouragement in the community. The idea became a sensation and was then added to the National Day calendar to be celebrated by millions all over the United States.

While there is a designated day to encourage your peers and be a source of positivity for them, the idea behind this initiative was to bring awareness to the concept of encouragement and inspire people to include it in their daily lives.

Come by the Bagel Bakery today and pick up some treats to go along with your words of encouragement.


People Are Not the Only Ones Who Love Bagels

Last month, an article in Newsweek told the story of how a Florida man was caught feeding an alligator. While resisting arrest, the man claimed that his new alligator friend was a “good boy… and he loves bagels.”

This only further proves our case that bagels are the best food item and that there isn’t a single person…OR ALLIGATOR who does not enjoy them.

But why should we stop at humans and alligators? WE SHOULDN’T!

Here is a list of other species who enjoy bagels as much as we do:

  1. DOGS




Back to School! Back to the Bagel Bakery!

stock up on day-olds

You’ve had all summer to rest and not for even a second think about school. But now, August has arrived and the thoughts of school supply shopping, packing lunches, early mornings and stressful days has creeped up on you too quickly. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does, because everyone has had to experience it at least at some point. This back-to-school season however, the Bagel Bakery can  help relieve some of your stress with our day-old bagels.

Say goodbye to hectic mornings where everyone is rushing to get school and can’t eat breakfast forever. Stop by the bagel bakery today and pick up a bag or two of day olds, a container of your favorite cream cheese and some Rembrandt coffee to make your life in the mornings so much easier. While you’re at it, reward yourself for avoiding another year of hectic mornings with a freshly made delicious sandwich and consider yourself winner of back-to-school season!

Another Manager Favorite: This Time Karen

Did you love Amanda’s recommendations based on her favorite menu items and are now waiting for more? Well don’t worry because this week we spoke to Karen, Amanda’s co-manager and she revealed her favorite menu item!

Karen loves making, eating and selling the Logan. It is an off-the-menu creation made with an everything bagel, egg, sausage, pepper jack cheese and jalapeño cream cheese. This special creation was thought up by a group of Bagel Bakery regulars and employees and has now become a favorite in our community.

“It is just a really yummy sandwich,” she said. “It’s also really fun to make and has so many flavors.”

Stop by the bagel bakery today and see for yourself why Karen loves the “Logan” so much.

Employee’s Favorite – Manager Edition

Employee’s Favorite – Manager Edition

Employee’s Favorites at the Bagel Bakery are back, but this time we are featuring one of our two new co-managers, Amanda!

Amanda loves working at the Bagel Bakery and is excited to serve as co-manager. One of her favorite things about the job is the many different recipes she gets to create on a daily basis. But she says she can’t pick just one favorite.

She loves the Bagel Bakery’s California Dreamin’ sandwich because of how refreshing and flavorful it is.  Another one of her all-time favorite menu items is the Chicken Salad on a wrap with chipotle mayo.

“I just really love the spice of the mayo and the creaminess of the chicken salad,” Amanda said. “It’s just so good.”

The last of Amanda’s top three favorites that the Bagel Bakery has to offer is the jalapeno cream cheese. Her favorite way to eat it is on an everything bagel, but she could also just eat it by the spoonful.

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today to meet one of our new managers and to try her recommendations.

Meet Our New Manager

Meet Our New Manager

We have been so excited to welcome our new manager, Steve, and we can’t wait to introduce him to you!

Steve has been working with us since September of 2018 and has really played a huge role in helping the Bagel Bakery grow. He has experience working as a manager for other local restaurants but has found that the Bagel Bakery is the perfect fit for him!

Steve is the perfect addition to our Bagel Bakery family because he adds even more positivity, fun and hard work to the mix. Our customers who have met him already love him and are so happy to be welcomed by yet another smiling face.

Thank you, Steve, for your hard work and dedication to the Bagel Bakery! We appreciate you and all you do!

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels vs. Everything Bagels

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels vs. Everything Bagels

Which do you prefer? The ongoing debate between cinnamon raisin bagels and everything has a lot of us at the Bagel Bakery wondering which flavor is favored the most. So, we decided to figure out the differences and settle this debate once and for all.

Cinnamon raisin bagels are great if you are craving something sweet and filling. They’re not too sweet and they have just the right amount of sugar to help you get through the day. Every type of coffee goes great with this bagel as well. The perfect swirl of raisins and cinnamon are sure to sweeten up your morning.

On the other hand, the everything bagel is also a very popular choice, especially for our guests who like savory bagels. This choice gives you all of the right flavors without too much salt. It has “everything” packed into this bagel, like different salts, flakes and seeds. It may be a little daunting to try due to all of the ingredients, but we have mastered the perfect amount of all that goes in it.

Are you still having trouble choosing a favorite? Come in and try them out! If you’re looking for a quick snack on the go, whether it be salty or sweet, we have you covered!


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bagel Bakery

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bagel Bakery

The chocolates and jewelry and teddy bears are always a fun Valentine’s Day treat for your loved ones, but this year, give them something less predictable that they can’t just add to a collection.

At the Bagel Bakery, we make homemade, fresh bagels daily, but we also make chocolate chunk cookies and muffins that are sure to spread the message of love this Valentine’s Day. And you can get a special heart-shaped bagel for the price of a pizza bagel while supplies last.

Also, we want each of you to know that this Valentine’s Day, we celebrate you for your constant love and support of the Bagel Bakery. We wouldn’t be where we are without you, which is why we are proud to consider all our customers our valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bagel Bakery, we hope to see you at the store soon!

Celebrate National Bagel Day with the Bagel Bakery

Celebrate National Bagel Day this Saturday with us at the Bagel Bakery.

We at the Bagel Bakery are so excited to celebrate National Bagel Day, which is this Saturday, February 9. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with us! With over 15 different bagel types, not even including our bagel sandwiches, the Bagel Bakery is the perfect place to get your bagel fix not only for National Bagel Day, but every day! After a week full of craziness and stress, you deserve nothing more than to treat yourself to a delicious breakfast and to be surrounded by great people. While you may know a lot about the bagels we offer at our store, you probably don’t know these facts about your favorite breakfast treat.

The history of the bagel can be traced back all the way to 1610 and hasn’t stopped gaining popularity since! The name bagel actually originated from the German word, bougel, meaning bracelet. They are shaped this way because:

1.) it was easier for distributors to carry them on poles to sell them, so they slipped the pole through the bagels’ holes, and

2.) To help with the airy and chewy consistency that bagels have.

We hope that you stop by and celebrate with us this weekend! We are open from 7 am to 3 pm this Saturday. Be sure to share your National Bagel Day festivities with us on social media using the hashtag #nationalbagelday and tag us @bagelbakerygainesville.

Catering from the Bagel Bakery

Catering from the Bagel Bakery

Catering events, like the big game this Sunday, can be stressful, but with the right food, it doesn’t have to be! The staff here at the Bagel Bakery makes it easy for you to organize events and would love to assist in catering your next gathering. Let your friends, family and colleagues see why you love the Bagel Bakery so much.

The Bagel Bakery is currently doing catering for events with large or small groups. This is the perfect way to treat your loved ones for parties, graduations and any type of group gathering.

With a wide variety of options from our menu, such as wraps, bagels, sandwiches and more, everyone is sure to find something they like.

Not only do we have over 15 different types of bagels, we also have organic coffee and espresso that your co-workers would love. If your group is more than 20 people, we ask that you place your order more than 48 hours in advance, so we can make your order as fresh as possible.

For more information, call the Bagel Bakery at 352-384-9110, or if you are in the area, stop by for a consultation at 4113 NW 16th Blvd.

The Bagel Bakery looks forward to helping you plan your next event!