A Declaration of Cookies



A manifesto can be defined as a public declaration of policy and aims.


Now, it can be defined as the Bagel Bakery’s new cookie line – Manifesto Cookies. Our cookies are an indulgence you can feel good about.


Our ingredients include:

  • All non-GMO ingredients
  • Hormone-free dairy
  • Cage-free eggs
  • No trans fats
  • No artificial anything


Try something new and grab one of our fresh, delicious new cookies.

Dollars and Sense

Twenty dollar bill United States currency on whiteNowadays, it seems like $20 doesn’t get you much bang for your buck.


You can get one or two movie tickets.


You can buy about eight gallons of gas.


You can get a mediocre dessert at that overpriced fancy restaurant.


There has to be something better, right?


At the Bagel Bakery, we’re all about value and quality. We have a deal that you can treat your whole family, office or friend group with. For less than $20, you can get 13 fresh bagels and two tubs of cream cheese. Enjoying a fresh Bagel Bakery bagel makes just about anyone feel like a million bucks!

Finally, A Resolution You Can Keep


Already struggling with your New Year’s resolution to get healthier? Luckily, drinking Bagel Bakery coffee will improve your health without a gym.


Not convinced? Here are some benefits of drinking coffee regularly:


  • May reduce the risk of dementia
  • Lowers risk of oral cancer
  • Lowers risk of stroke


Go ahead and treat yourself to a cup of our coffee – your body will thank you.


Bagel Bakery Gift Cards


It’s the holidays—time to show loved ones you care. If you can’t figure out what to get your coworkers, neighbors and friends, consider a Bagel Bakery gift card. People both young and old all love the Bagel Bakery. Nothing says “happy holidays” like a warm bagel and coffee.


Pick up multiple for everyone special in your life. They make the perfect stocking stuffer at $5 each. What better way to spread holiday cheer?


Come by today and pick up your gift cards. Santa’s got nothing on you!

How to Refer the Bagel Bakery to Your Friends

We love our Bagel Bakery customers, and we hope the feeling is mutual. And there’s nothing we like better than hearing from a new customer that they heard about us from a friend who said we were a great place to eat and meet.

If you are one of those loyal Bagel Bakery customers, and you want to share us with your friends and colleagues, here are some tips for how you can refer us.

First thing you can do is take a platter or coffee to your friends, clients or business colleagues. We know if they just taste our food and coffee, they’ll be in the store before you know it.

We love being your go-to, business-meeting location. If you’re having a meeting, and you want to take it out of the office, come to the Bagel Bakery and introduce us to your colleagues that way. Not only do they taste our food and drink, they get the atmosphere as well.

Finally, if you somehow find yourself in another local coffee shop instead of the Bagel Bakery, tell them about our wholesale coffee program. We would live to become their supplier.

And if you can think of some other ways to refer us, come in and tell us about it.

5 Reasons to be thankful for the Bagel Bakery:

  1. img_1525Our bagels are made fresh, from scratch almost every day. You won’t find a fresher bagel in Gainesville.
  2. The variety – our options are endless. With over 15 bagel flavors, we have a bagel to suit every palate. We even have a cream cheese to suit your mood, from strawberry to spinach and artichoke.
  3. Don’t forget about our Bag O Bagels. For $17.79, you can bring home thirteen bagels and two 8 oz. tubs of cream cheese. It’s hosting made easy.
  4. Our coffee isn’t any ordinary joe. It’s micro-roasted, organic, direct-trade and most importantly, flavorful.
  5. Last but not least, our customers. You all make the Bagel Bakery the fun, warm and inviting place it is.

Hard Work Pays Off

Linen sack with flourEvery week, we get our weekly delivery of 1,500 pounds of flour. Our products go from flour to your mouth in about a day.


It’s not always easy, but our real, boiled bagels don’t go unnoticed.


Recently, a woman with a European accent said she was taking half a dozen bagels to Norway.


Later in the afternoon, I received a compliment from another customer.


“Your bagels are just better than New York Bagels,” she said.


These compliments encourage our creaky backs as we continue through the last 500 pounds of flour.


At the Bagel Bakery, we don’t make our bagels the easiest way; we make them the best way. We don’t mind the extra effort when we see our delighted customers.

Bagel Delivery


With Halloween behind us, many believe it’s socially acceptable to start thinking about Christmas. Our owner Ken makes every week Christmas for those who receive his weekly bagel orders.


Friday mornings, you may see Ken driving fast in his blue FJ Cruiser “sleigh” full of bagels. Santa Ken makes his rounds to Phi Mu, Tau Epsilon Phi, Chi Omega and SumTotal, delivering his fresh, delicious bagels.


Want in on the fun? Ken said he still has some room on his sleigh…


Call the Bagel Bakery to place your order.

Five Coffee Jokes to Perk Up Your Weekend

Bagel Bakery Edits-6 (1)

Q: What do you call a sad coffee?

A: Despresso


Q: What’s the opposite of coffee?

A: Sneezy


Q: What do you call a cow that has just given birth?

A: De-calf-inated!


Q: What’s it called when you steal someone’s coffee?

A: Mugging.

Q: How are coffee beans like teenagers?

A: They’re always getting grounded!


All jokes aside, our Rembrant coffee at the Bagel Bakery is always fresh, always hot and always delicious. Come on in and enjoy a cup to start your morning right.

Power Your Mornings

Omelet and Sausage Bagel

Why does it seem like life is most hectic during the fall? To get through your busiest days, you need a complete breakfast. At the Bagel Bakery, we have you covered.


The Eggl Bagel with meat is the perfect way to start your morning. With scrambled egg, cheese and your choice of meat, this bagel is hearty enough to satisfy you for hours. The mix of carbs and protein energizes you for whatever your day throws at you – whether it’s that boring meeting, tough workout or final exam.


Plus, be sure to get your caffeine fix with our fresh-roasted coffee. Make it a combo and get an Eggl Bagel and 16 oz. coffee for only $7.89.