5 Bagel Fun Facts

  1. Bagels were created to honor a king – We aren’t the only ones who obsess over delectable bagels, kings did too! Bagel history dates all the way back to 1783 when they were created to honor King John III Sobieski of Poland. According to popular belief, they were honoring him after he protected Austria’s people from an attack by Turkish invaders!
  2. Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before baked – Once the bagel dough is shaped into a circle, they are dipped into boiling water for three to five minutes on each side. After that, they are drained and baked for about 10 minutes.
  3. The most popular bagel choice plain – Though you may have imagined it to be an “everything” bagel or maybe a blueberry bagel, the most popular of them all is actually plain. The close runner-up is a sesame bagel.
  4. The word “bagel” has a meaning – The word “bagel” is derived from the German word “bougel,” meaning “bracelet.” So if you ever see a bagel that isn’t round, it isn’t technically a bagel. “Round with a hole” is a major part of the bagel’s identity.
  5. Bagels have made it to space – In June 2008, astronaut Gregory Chamitoff blasted into space with 18 sesame bagels within his cargo. The bagels came from his cousin’s bakery in Montreal.