It’s International Coffee Day: Celebrate With the Bagel Bakery!

Yes, Thanksgiving and Christmas are great, but here at the Bagel Bakery, we have a different favorite holiday. Because we work so hard day in and day out to provide the Bagel Bakery Family with the best quality coffee straight from Guatemala and roasted fresh in-house each week, we can’t help but get especially excited for International Coffee Day each year.

We love to take this time each year to look back and reminisce on all the great memories coffee has brought the Bagel Bakery Family. From the annual trips to Guatemala that our owner, Ken, has taken, to the thousands of great conversations our customers have had over a fresh cup of our coffee, we love every minute of being able to serve you the best coffee in Gainesville (yes, we’re biased).

Our favorite part about coffee at the Bagel Bakery is that it is not just something you rush to do at the drive through on your way to work, and it is not something you risk spilling on yourself as you run into the office. The coffee at the Bagel Bakery is something you get while you catch up with an old friend, or a companion to get you through a long day of work. Coffee at the Bagel Bakery means something to you, and that is why it means everything to us.

The holiday falls on Tuesday, Sept. 29, this year, and we have a great promotion for you! Stop by the Bagel Bakery on International Coffee Day and get a free small coffee with any purchase. This deal is too hot to pass up, so make sure to not miss it!