Brett Nelson: Our New General Manager

Brett Nelson Our New General Manager

A new general manager has joined our Bagel Bakery family and we would like to take the time to give him the proper welcome!

Brett Nelson decided to take a break from the big city, gourmet restaurant life and enter the world of small-town cooking. His experience with restaurants such as Grub Burger Bar and Vale Food Co. and his innovative skill in these roles have trained him to be the perfect fit for us at the Bagel Bakery.

Even in the short time that Brett has been with us, he has already made plans to add unique and modern twists to our menu and expand our community outreach. Brett even has big plans for reaching out to UF students and making them a larger part of our family.

As for Brett’s ideas for additions to our menu, stay on the lookout for some crazy, fun and fresh bagel and cream cheese flavors as well as new sandwich combinations.

After years in the world of big restaurants, Brett says that working for the Bagel Bakery is a breath of fresh air.

“I love that so many of the same people come in every day, and that I already know customers by their name,” Brett said.

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today and give Brett the warm welcome he deserves and ask him about his new ideas for the menu!