People Are Not the Only Ones Who Love Bagels

Last month, an article in Newsweek told the story of how a Florida man was caught feeding an alligator. While resisting arrest, the man claimed that his new alligator friend was a “good boy… and he loves bagels.”

This only further proves our case that bagels are the best food item and that there isn’t a single person…OR ALLIGATOR who does not enjoy them.

But why should we stop at humans and alligators? WE SHOULDN’T!

Here is a list of other species who enjoy bagels as much as we do:

  1. DOGS




Back to School! Back to the Bagel Bakery!

stock up on day-olds

You’ve had all summer to rest and not for even a second think about school. But now, August has arrived and the thoughts of school supply shopping, packing lunches, early mornings and stressful days has creeped up on you too quickly. Does this sound familiar? Of course it does, because everyone has had to experience it at least at some point. This back-to-school season however, the Bagel Bakery can  help relieve some of your stress with our day-old bagels.

Say goodbye to hectic mornings where everyone is rushing to get school and can’t eat breakfast forever. Stop by the bagel bakery today and pick up a bag or two of day olds, a container of your favorite cream cheese and some Rembrandt coffee to make your life in the mornings so much easier. While you’re at it, reward yourself for avoiding another year of hectic mornings with a freshly made delicious sandwich and consider yourself winner of back-to-school season!