July Menu Item Spotlight!

Italian Turkey sandwich that will make you feel like you’re in Italy

Do you wish you were in Italy, taking a gondola ride with your family and eating tons of gelato and pasta? Well the Bagel Bakery can’t take you to Italy, but we can sell you an Italian Turkey sandwich that will make you feel like you’re in Italy if you close your eyes and play Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” in the background.

Our Italian Turkey sandwich features roasted Michigan Turkey breast, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, and perfect pesto sauce; that’s truly amorè! There is nothing quite as delicious as fresh focaccia bread, slathered with pesto and filled with such refreshing ingredients. This really is one of our favorite menu items!

Stop by the Bagel Bakery today, order our Italian Turkey and be transported to that gondola instantly!


How The Bagel Bakery Can Help You Live Longer

Bagel Bakery coffees

After reading the title of this post, you may be asking yourself, how on Earth can a bagel shop (albeit the best bagel shop) have the power to help me live longer? Well, the Bagel Bakery itself will not help you live longer unless you take into account the happiness we bring you. Coffee, which we make and sell in store, however, has been scientifically proven to lower a person’s risk of death by over ten years.

The study was conducted on almost 500,000 British adults and revealed an extended lifespan of those who drink at least eight cups O’ Joe each day. That sounds intense, but it just means you’ll be spending more time at the Bagel Bakery to get all eight cups! The best part of this whole study is that not only did this study show that the coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death than the abstainers, but it also showed that their lower risk of death coincided with a lower risk of cancer and heart disease. The researchers have not yet been able to pinpoint exactly how it reduces the risk of death, but hey, we’re not complaining! We’ll take any excuse to drink more coffee!

Stop by today to get your eight cups of freshly brewed coffee and live a healthy life with your friends at the Bagel Bakery!

The Bagel Bakery Loves Celebrating Independence Day, Too!

Happy Independence Day, Everyone! This year, let the Bagel Bakery be a part of your 4th of July festivities, too!!

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Yes, we’re aware that the 4th of July is exclusive to hot dogs, hamburgers and any other cookout food, but that doesn’t mean bagels can’t be a part of the fun! Here are three ways the Bagel Bakery can be of service to you and your guests, even at the most serious cookout:

  1. Use bagels as hamburger buns- unlike the traditional hamburger bun, bagels come in a variety of flavors, such as asiago cheese, onion and everything, which would all complement a juicy burger perfectly. Plus, if you get a variety of different flavors, each of your guests can choose exactly what they want and won’t have to settle!
  2. Use our cream cheese to make your appetizer dip- A lot of cookout hosts these days offer a variety of finger foods in the beginning to hold their guests over, and a lot of times, some sort of dip is included in this. Guess what the number one ingredient in any savory dip is? CREAM CHEESE!! And who sells the best home made cream cheese? THE BAGEL BAKERY!! We would love to be included in the appetizer party within the party!
  3. Order Bagel Bakery Catering- As a complement to your hamburgers and hot dogs, serve your guests any variety of our refreshing and delicious sandwiches and wraps. They are the perfect finger food that will leave your guests satisfied while they are walking around the party talking and enjoying the festivities.

So, after you’ve shopped for the traditional cookout food, stop by the Bagel Bakery and pick up something that will change the 4th of July cookout game forever!