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How Green Bagels Are Made

We’re approaching that time of year where everyone and everything (including food and beverage) is decked out in green. Have you ever wondered what the full process of turning bagels green looks like? We’ll tell you:


You start mixing bagel dough in large mixer with green food coloring for ten minutes. Then, the dough should be rolled out by hand and then cut into strips. Begin cutting the dough before you place it on a tray and bake it for 10-15 minutes.


We’re not planning on green bagels at The Bagel Bakery this year, but we hope you’ll still join us this St. Patrick’s Day. Bagels, green or not, are great for soaking up the green beer you’ll be drinking later!

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The Journey of a Rembrandt Coffee Bean

As many of you know Bagel Bakery Owner Ken Rembert is also the proud owner of his own line of coffee, Rembrandt Coffee. Rembrandt Coffee specializes in direct-trade, shade-grown coffee with a mission to maximize the quality of its coffee and the benefit to the people of Guatemala. Ken actually travels to Guatemala every year to visit some of the coffee farms, place water filters in some of the homes and help fit eyeglasses.

An average cup of Rembrandt coffee uses 70 roasted beans consisting of 35 coffee cherries. These cherries are hand picked from a tree on a mountain in Guatemala, placed in a plastic bucket, dumped into a sack and loaded onto a mule. The mule travels around two miles where the cherry is processed into a pulp, fermented overnight, sun dried for several days and processed in the city.

Finally, it is loaded onto a boat and travels 1,200 miles via water and interstate to The Bagel Bakery, where it is roasted, ground and brewed especially for you! Our Rembrandt Coffee is one of a kind, and we encourage everyone to give at least one of our blends a try.

If you’re a business owner and want to feature Rembrandt in your shop, give us a call! Ken is always looking for a great wholesale customer.